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My Wow amazing Not For the weak of heart Hot , rape , prison life, brutal, hopeful This YAOI was WOW Sen Owari, A Japanese Student Formerly Studying At Columbia University In New York, Was Sentenced To ServeYears In Prison At Under Grand Hotel For The Murder Of His Lover S Husband While Serving His Time In Jail, New Evidence Surfaces For Sen And Sheds New Light On The Crime It May Prove To Be His Chance To Be Released Early Unless It S A Setup But A Setup For Who And, Why Would Anybody Want To Frame Sen Swordfish and Sen s relationship is evolving Well, down darker paths anyway The sex is still quite hot, for yaoi that is The roles of the seme and uke are alive and well, and getting a little predictable and flat I m hoping that before this series ends Swordfish will stop denying he s bi or dare I say it, gay , and that he might be on the receiving end for once I doubt it but a gal can dream, right Kurz Meinung Hier habe ich bereits Band 1 gelesen und rezensiert Es ist einer der etwas h rteren Yaoi Manga Es spielt sich alles in einem Gef ngnis ab und man bekommt hier so einiges an Gewalt vorgesetzt k rperlich, psychisch und sexuell also nichts f r schwache Nerven Das P rchen ist einem bereits aus Band 1 bekannt, allerdings ist es nicht unbedingt notwendig den ersten Band gelesen zu haben, da alle Beziehungen und wichtigen Personen noch einmal erkl rt werden Ein gro es Thema ist auch dieses mal wieder die Eifersucht und Konkurrenz nicht nur unter den Insassen sondern auch zwischen den Angestellten und den Insassen Korruption und Bestechlichkeit sind ebenfalls wichtige Themen Die erotischen Szenen sind gr tenteils sehr hart und dominant, stellenweise grenzwertig Man sollte sich also gut berlegen, ob man so etwas lesen m chte oder lieber auf die romantischen Boy Love Mangas anderer Mangaka ausweicht Der Zeichenstil gef llt mir gut, da man die Personen eindeutig auseinanderhalten kann, die Linien klar und deutlich gezogen sind und hier nichts verschn rkelt wird Zensiert wird hier nat rlich wie mittlerweile in fast jedem Manga wieder durch diese unkreative Art des Ausradierens bestimmter K rpersteile Das kann man so viel geschickter l sen und es nervt mich wirklich mittlerweile Ich wei aber nicht, ob dies im Original genauso ist.Im Gegensatz zu Band 1 ist Sen mittlerweile sehr viel selbstbewusster und wirkt nicht mehr wie ein Opfer Das fand ich wirklich sch n Sword zeigt, dass er mittlerweile tiefer gehende Gef hle f r Sen empfindet und auch diese Ver nderung fand ich positiv Alles in allem ein etwas andere Manga, f r ausgefallenere Geschm cker.Meine Wertung 5 von 5 Sternen As Volume 2 of Under Grand Hotel begins, we find Sen working for Warden Muto, in his office The Warden seems intent on being friends with the prisoner, under the guise of the heritage that they share, but is thereto it than what appears on the surface In a place like Under Grand Hotel, never take anything for granted.Norman drops hints to Sword that maybe he should be concerned about Sen working for Muto Sword gives no credence to the idea, but he approaches the warden to have Sen moved back, only to learn that Muto has other uses for him at the moment Sword and Sen exchange words on the matter, but Sen refuses to give up his cushy job An unexpected cell search by guards turns up a photo of Muto s mother secreted beneath Sen s mattress And to add insult to injury, the picture has been besmirched with self ejected seminal fluid Sen loses his position, and is tossed into solitary, despite his protestations of his innocence In the middle of the night, a masked guard enters Sen s cell and brutally rapes him, leaving him with a message from Sen s master, Befaithful Naturally, Sen thinks it is from Sword It is a message that is repeated nightly, for the duration of his stay in solitary.Sen returns from solitary, and Sword wants to resume their relationship He apologizes for having Sen sent to solitary, and insists that he was just jealous of him and Muto, but Sen is having none of it When Sword tries to kiss and make up, Sen bites him And before being summoned to see the warden, he kisses Norman, in full view of Sword, although Sword has said he has no idea what he is talking about, he doesn t know anything about any message Norman seems rather pleased, as Walter observes Meanwhile, Muto says he believes Sen is innocent of the atrocity to his mother s picture and suggests that he get even in a way that Sword will understand, but circumspectly, considering his position in the prison Muto apologizes to Sen personally, in front of the prison He adds a few words in Japanese, including I love you Sword has some idea of that must mean, having heard it from Sen before, during sex, and he is far from pleased Since Sword and Sen are still at odds, Sword and Norman mix it up, much to the latter s delight He s never stopped wanting the other man When Sen catches them in the act, he misunderstands at first, thinks Sword is trying to hurt Norman But Sword tells him how things stand, denies he ever cared for Sen Sen goes to Muto and requests that he be transferred to another cell Muto gets his way with the prisoner at last When Sen returns to the cell, he and Sword get into it again, and Sword sees the marks on Sen, mistaking them for love bites, until Sen tells him about the guard that raped him and the stun gun he used And still they can t keep from fighting.Sword has an idea he asks Norman to kill Warden Muto Walter tries to warn Norman that he is being used, but he says he knows it and doesn t care Some of the other inmates have it in for Sen, referring to him as the warden s dog The guards prevent him from being raped in the shower Sword, on his part, learns something interesting the week that Sen spent in solitary, Muto stayed overnight at the prison, not his usual habit Sen reveals information regarding the murder he was convicted of When Sword has a showdown with Muto, telling him what he learned, the warden threatens to get Sen released on the strength of this information, and out of Sword s life completely Sword decides the time has come for Muto to die, and plans are made During a three minute pre arranged blackout, Norman is to kill Muto, as agreed But Norman has his own agenda.You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius The drawings by this artist is just effin hot and explicit I would give four stars just for the drawing But no seriously, there is a plot too That is what makes Under Grand Hotel one of my favourite mangas I love the two main characters, Sen and Sword Sen is a very strong guy, who despite every bad experience he went through, moved forward with his life I liked that he stood up to Sword from the very beginning Sword on the other hand, is a complex man who fell in lust and then love with Sen, and then was determined to make the guy his in every way possible I am not saying that I agreed with some of his methods but Sword is a character I couldn t seem to hate Probably because I could tell he loved Sen in spite it all I even closed one eye to his infidelity which is actually one of my main peeves if we can call it that, because when Sword did it, you knew it was because of how screwed up he really was and not because he loved Sen any less. 3.5 same review as for vol 1 Loving you is the worst crime I ve ever committed I LOVE UGH I usually enjoy all Sadahiro sensei s works but UGH has been one of my favorites for years now, even before it was licensed in the US finally The plotline is unique and the way Sen and Swordfish s relationship is worked in the setting of prison life is thrilling Plus the intimate scenes are hot as hell UGH has everything you would expect from both a love story and a prison movie, and it makes it work Its one of those series that I love to discuss, love to re read, love to reccomend, and always enjoy.Sen and Swordfish are both strong men coming from two completely different backgrounds Even they admit that if it weren t for prison, they never would ve met much less have been together The romance that occurs between them is completely unexpected but is very strong and pushes both men to do things for each other they never would ve thought they d ever do For Sen that means standing up to gang members and learning to fight and for Swordfish that means protecting someone and caring about someone else s feelings.Its a great read. This is a dark, violent manga series set in an underground prison The graphics are good and the storyline is quite gripping too with some unexpected twists and turns Of course it isn t for the fainthearted The violence starts very early on with its realistic depictions of brutal prison life Having said that the twists and turns also lead to the main characters having some kind of emotional life and eventually developing feelings for each other In this way the story conveys some kind of hope amongst the depressing life of a brutal underground prison regime It is a good read for manga fans but a brutal one.