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I reluctantly give this book 5 stars How can I really rate this book when I ve never read any others on the case Anyway, from what I gleaned from it, I really enjoyed kind of reading it I am not going to bother explaining what the book is about By now, you probably know Rather I ll just make a few short comments.Only kind of because there were times when the book was a bit heavy to read Many of the reviewers complain of graphic deal That is complete and utter nonsense Or perhaps I have been completely desensitized It would be different if we were actually visually seeing the tapes that Karla and Paul made Anyway, what I mean by heavy is that it is just a lot to take in for me I would read many pages per day It was extremely interesting, but I had a limit I d prefer to try and stay positive.The end of the book will make you want to throw it in a fire or against a wall You may, in fact, feel conflicted because you ll be awkwardly rooting for Paul Bernardos defense attorney Overall, don t read this book unless you are really, really fascinated by this particular case I am and it was worth my time. It just did not seem possible that such a well educated, well adjusted, congenial young man like Paul Bernado could be responsible for such horrible crimesIt s the same old story The cops were incompetant I ve read a lot of true crime books and too often the authorities make stupid mistakes reports don t get filed, leads aren t investigated, DNA samples aren t tested for two years I m not an investigator so maybe it s easier said than done but i wonder how many of these true crime books would have been written without the mistakes of the cops.I d like to think i m a hard person to gross out The Jeffrey Dahmer book shocked me and the state of Sharon Tate s corpse wasn t nice to read about but i wasn t grossed out or sickened This book, however, broke me The crimes are grim, disgusting, depraved and every other evil perverted word you can think of Despite the content the book was very well written There s a lull in the middle but it picks up toward the end This isn t something i would recommend unless you have a stomach made of iron. A Definitive True Crime Account Unravels The Facade Behind The Unsettling Case Of Paul And Karla Bernardo And The Couple S Seemingly Storybook Marriage, Which Involved Kidnapping, Imprisonment, And The Murder Of High School Girls To Satisfy Their Sexual Cravings I decided to read another true crime story and this one popped up on my recommendation so I picked it up It was a few years back when I learned about Karla and Paul in my favorite crime site which is no longer available I was engrossed from first page up to the last With the very intriguing story, it delves into the early lives of both Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, how they grew up, their family background, their troubled childhoods Giving the readers a grater insights into the minds of these two cold blooded killers.This book also contains graphic details of the crimes and some of them were videotaped My heart break for the family of their victims for knowing what their daughters went through in the hands of Karla and Paul And I was saddened, and sickened with the knowledge that Karla didn t get the sentence she deserved Overall, this book was a great read because Stephen Williams is an excellent writer and he did a great job with this one though this book is not an easy read. Pretty much the best book there is on the Bernardo Homolka case Great writing, thorough investigation and stomach churning details that will haunt the reader forever It is unbelievable that Karla Homolka pulled off what she did and reading this book stirs real anger about that, as it should These two may have a low body count when they are compared to some killer couples, but their crimes are no less shocking or disgusting Bernardo will likely rot in jail forever but to know that Homolka is out and has been out for such a long time unreal This book is a great read and essential to anyone want to knowabout the Ken and Barbie killers 10 10. Disturbing Period I d never read it again and want it out of my house as soon as possible It s not the author or the writing It s the subject matter and how Karla Homolka was given a slap on the wrist for being a sick, twisted, incestuous pedophile rapist Her family is sick as well and seem completely out of touch with reality It scares me to think there are people like Karla and her family that walk among us She has been released and is married and has children I can t figure out who would marry a women like her Perhaps he is just a sick and twisted I fear for her children and any one else who comes in contact with this woman and her family. This is a really difficult book for me to give a rating to It seems to be well researched and I appreciate that this author didn t fall under the spell of Karla s manipulation The story of these two is horrifying and the descriptions of their crimes are horrifying I think the book gave me a couple of mild nightmares but now I want to read the follow up So Success Unlike Burnside and Cairns attempt to play the journalistic integrity card yet still try to tell this story, Williams chooses not only to forgo the Crown s publication ban and lay out every disgusting detail of the crimes but also every disgusting detail of the unholy shitshow of a police investigation that followed Trust me You know absolutely nothing about Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo if you ve not read this book What I love about it most, however, is Williams Capote esque writing style This man has been dragged through the Canadian courts multiple times, charged withcrimes than Karla and Paul together, and shunned by traditional tabloid crime journalists for his unwavering determination to tell the whole story despite publication bans and the hurt feelings of inept investigators and solicitors Yet unlike the typical true crime rags with the gory pictures in the middle the murderabilic equivalent of Harlequin romance novels Williams is able to maintain his literary integrity by giving us a full cast of characters Not only does he outline all the major and minor players in the initial investigations, indictments, and hearings, but he develops these characters fully and honestly in order to tell the parallel story of the ineptitude, ulterior motivation, and, at times, downright stupidity of almost every single decision made by anyone with an inkling of authority Clearly, Williams would be reviled by his peers for having access to information they did not and writing about it not without impunity , but it also only makes sense that he would be reviled by the entire Green Ribbon Task Force and the Canadian Correctional system for exposing their true deal with a devil that never needed to be made in the first place My only problem with Williams Dude you need to let go of non sequitur I know, I know As a wannabe writer, I have my secret crushes on phrases and words, but if you were paid by the number of times you used that phrase, you d be able to pay all your court costs and debt and retire to Montserrat yourself Luvs It is very difficult to write a true crime novel in this day and age without having it be sensationalist, and I won t go so far as to say that Williams has achieved Helter Skelter levels of journalistic integrity with Invisible Darkness, but the fact of the matter is that for true crime, this is a well written piece The case itself is fascinating from the get go, and the author pulls no punches as he narrates the compelling depravity from as far back as he could reach I ve read hundreds of books in the genre and something about this one will always place it in my top ten list. This book is really infuriating, actually, because Homolka, who was probablyculpable than Bernardo and should have spent the rest of her life in a supermax uh, hello, she helped rape and kill her own sister , got away with a relative slap on the wrist because the authorities were too goddamn stupid to believe that a woman could be anything but a poor innocent abused victim of a man Last I looked, she was out of prison, remarried, with a kid of her own That should scare the hell out of anyone reading this, trust me Gotta love those gender stereotypes, yessir