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3 5 stars The premise of this story was beyond amazing don t get me wrong This summary had me so intrigued that I just HAD to read it I never see books like this so I was interested.I m a stickler for perfect grammar and spelling I m sorry every time I see a misspelled word, I have to cringe I m not that deluded that I don t realize that authors make mistakes, but this seemed completely deliberate I think the word brunette was spelled wrong a significant amount of times that it kind of began to turn me off I applaud the author for her effort, but people really should run their work through the grammar check on Word before publishing.All in all, I would recommend it to someone who s really just bored If you re a serious reader, don t even It s kind of hard to stomach when you re pulled away from the events in the story by the horrid spelling. HOT Complete, and totally HOT Where do these men exist And can I possibly get a plane ticket there What a great little find Short and sweet and romantic with some smut thrown in for good measure Gillian is determined to help the new guy fit in, so she invites him out in order to draw him out of his shy shell Little does she know there is a very dominant, anything but shy man lurking below the surface of that yummy exterior Although I thought it ended a little abruptly, it was an enjoyable read.If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Gillian and Lennon are co workers She mistakes him for being shy and decides to make him her project He plays along This is a good dirty book I love the character, both the hero and heroine are well thought out with their motivations clearly made at the beginning of the story Gillian likes the white guy but won t admit it, so she takes him out for drinks and finds out that he s not shy at all I admit my favorite character is her friend, she could by my wing women any time The big reveal in this book involves a party at a friends house, No I would NEVER participate in that kind of party But the freak in me enjoyed reading about it I also loved that the shero of this book was not afraid to find her love I m over women who run away from a good man i would love to readfrom this series.There were a few errors Location 343 And blind as a bat is she thought he could possible find any. should be possibly Location 1226 Favorite line a fast convert to the religion of assianity Location 1273 Every since their little office escapade Ever since The error at location 1373 is too adult to quote, but the wrong word is used, should be fingering I liked the concept, but overall, I believe that this book could have been better The characters were great, but not as well developed as they should have been Also, the storyline was lacking and the last 5 pages felt rushed I m giving it 2 1 2 stars. Gillian Foxe Has Set Her Sights On Lennon Wright, But Unfortunately For Him, It S Not In A Hot, Sexy Way After Overhearing Two Women Gossiping About Him, Gillian Decides To Help Him Out By Turning The Cute Introvert Into A Social Butterfly, Even If It S Against His Wishes She S Convinced She Knows What S Best For The Shy Man, But Of Course He Doesn T See It That Way Everything Isn T Always What It Seems, And No One Knows That Better Than Lennon Yes He Keeps To Himself, But It S Not For The Reason Gillian Thinks Still, He Can T Help But Be Amused Gillian Thinks He S Shy He May Not Be As Outgoing As The Sexy Woman Is, But That Doesn T Mean He S Dating Deficient In Fact, He S Had His Eye On A Special Woman For A While Now Unfortunately Gillian Lacks The Ability To See Beneath His Good Guy Persona But If A Bad Boy Is What She Likes, Lennon Has A Few Naughty Skills Up His Sleeve That Might Help Take The Blinders Off And Prove To Gillian He S Not So Shy After All Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Menage M F M , Voyeurism Description Gillian Foxe thinks her newish co worker Lennon Wright is way to shy and launches a plan to bring him out of his shell She couldn t meincorrect.The Good I m a huge fan of office romances, and the main couple had amazing chemistry Also, I love when two nice people manage to pull off really hot sex.The Bad After a ton of build up, the resolution ends up being so rushed.The Naughty Erotic, orgy, workplace sex, sex in public places.Editing issues n aPublisher Loose IdLength NovellaFinal Grade B Happy Reading Theodora from IRbookreviews.com I am a huge fan of Lena Matthews And that is all I am going to say about that And here I thought this book as just going to be all sex and no plot Glad I was wrong 3 stars