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[[ Prime ]] The Murder Stroke (Purgatory Wars #1) Author Dragon Cobolt –

Welcome To Purgatory A World Where Anything Can Happen Everything Is Going Well For Liam He S Just Won A Martial Arts Competition And Got Lucky With A Hot Girl When He Is Suddenly Flung Through A Portal Into The Strange World Of Purgatory A World Full Of Valkyries, Elves, Goblins And Succubi, Pulsing With Magic And Sexual Energy A World Where Liam S Steel Sword And IPod Full Of Th Century Knowledge Make Him A Virtual Superhero A World Where People Want Him Dead The Murder Stroke Is A , Word Erotic Fantasy Novella Featuring Epic Adventure, Unique Characters And Plenty Of Sex Liam Will Return In Riposte

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    Rating 3.5 stars Not bad I like the premise Liam won a long sword after winning a HEMA historical European Martial arts tournament He and the rest of the HEMA participants went to a museum where Liam finds something weird He touches something and explosion happens that hurts his friends but sends him to a different world The world of purgatory This is the place that all the old gods and their followers were sent after they were banished by the Christians Liam comes upon a winged beautiful woman being attacked Thinking she is an angel, he goes to help He kills one of the creatures that is attacking her with the longsword that he won still not sure how he got that sword past museum security in the first place The woman is appreciative of his help and has sex with him This allows her to cast a spell that makes him understand Latin that she is speaking She turns out to be a Valkyrie and works for Apollo All the old pantheons are no longer together so Apollo is working with an Egyptian god on a peace deal Ares is not a fan of that and so is trying to stop the Valkyrie Meg The rest of the story is just them trying to escape from Ares people I like that there are so many different pantheons involved and that they are different now since it has been 17 centuries since they were removed from earth Some of the gods are dead like Zeus, Ra, Odin Others that are still alive that were mentioned were Thor, Athena, Apollo and some Egyptian goddesses There is a good amount of sex in this book but it didn t feel forced or out of place Liam having sex with Meg right away might have seemed pretty quick but he did just save her life and she needed to do her magic to make him understand her no clue if sex was really needed for that A couple of things that were a little annoying was some of the vocabulary Good thing I had the kindle book with the dictionary because I had to look up quite a few words while reading Some of the philosophy and history terminology seemed appropriate in a history professors lecture instead of something a 20 something year old would know about, despite his being into HEMA Liam was also so worried about his I pod because it was a game changer that would revolutionize the world since he had so many books on science, metallurgy and other such things on it Again that seemed a little impractical Who has stuff like that on their I pod I pods aren t really used for that, but even if they are, why would he have that stuff downloaded in the first place even if he was into HEMA It never helped once in this story, so I hope it bares some kind of fruit in the next couple of books in the series Overall pretty good It looks like there is going to be a harem, but it doesn t seem like sex is the only part of the book, and that there is a decent story underneath I hope

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    PromisingAh what a nice story, I didn t get any good expectations but i can feel there was lot of researches involved in the book The MC, i don t know in which box to catalogue him horny teen Geek Muscle brain Because sometimes he showed surprising maturity The heroin was simpler and adorable, Meg looks like a porn star But with an IQ like a science girl Normally that kind of powerful woman make a man quake in his boots because he thinks he can t stand near her, but Liam bridge the gap quite easily The series has a nice start, waiting for the next book to see how it goes.Please don t let it devolve in a purposeless Harem story

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    Wasn t sure for the first few chapters, but it grew on me quick I think the quality of the writing improved as the book progressed as well Gives me hope for the second book, which I will be reading.

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    Fun, but shortA quick adventure story with very solid action and erotica Definately worth your time for Kindle unlimited, but a little short without it Anyway, it s good Thanks for writing

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    A transported to another world Erotic fantasy story.Liam a recent HEMA Historical Martial Arts champion gets flung to another world sword, I pod and all There he finds out that modern steel is an absolute godsend and his I pod a virtual Library of Alexandria where he is now Ohh and there is a crazy hot Valkyrie Woman who is rather into him.Basically this is an erotic fantasy without much fanfare, but competently written and set in a cool world Written with an male audience in mind this quite an easy and fun read If a rather short one of about 90 pages Excluding excerpts from other short this was an uncomplicated and enjoyable, erotic adventure fantasy story.

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    AdvertisementThe book was good but the ending was shit why Because the last 21% is a giant ad first an excerpt from the sequel then a giant list of other books 1star for excerpt 2stars for the fucking catalogue noons asked forIf you buy it it is dishonest because the pagecount is off Seriously authors just fucking stop putting excerpts in the back of ebooks Just fucking stop

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    This book is only ok the series is not what i would consider a classical harem setting as the MC is ok with his women having sex with other men Overall i was just ok on reading it.

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    These are pretty good An MC I can respect, likeable characters, and very hot sex scenes like 4 1 2 stars Recommended by a few friends, I gave this a try and I like it A minor meh here and there but my only complaint is that it s too short and I want .I will be reading from Dragon Cobolt.

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    Nicely doneNicely written book I m looking forward to the next one The story progresses well and the intimate scenes are tastefully done and not over done.

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    Great book This is a great first book in the Purgatory Wars series, fun and sexy characters, plenty of action, a little short but all good