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Follow Your Heroine S Journey To Reclaim Feminine Power And WisdomWomen Face Many Challenging Transitions On The Pilgrimage From Girlhood Through Womanhood Menses, Love And Heartbreak, Motherhood, Menopause Devoid Of A Central Narrative, These Rites Of Passage Too Often Happen In Shame And Secrecy, Leaving Women Doubting Their Personal Power And Self Worth Bestselling Author And Founder Of The Way Of The Happy Woman , Sara Avant Stover Saw How Women Erroneously Viewed These Initiations As Curses And Sought To Present A New Model That Reflected The Power And Wisdom Unique To The Feminine Path The Book Of SHE Celebrates All That It Means To Be A Woman, From Mythological Underpinnings To The Cycles Of Our Day To Day Lives Drawing On Archetypes Including Mary Magdalene, The Dark Goddess, And Green Tara, Stover Will Guide You On A Journey Home To Psychological Wholeness, Personal Empowerment, And, Ultimately, Full Feminine Spiritual Awakening Brimming With Mystery And Magic, This Provocative Book Makes Ancient Wisdom And Healing Practices Accessible To Every Woman Who Is Ready To Revel In Her Full Femininity The Dark And The Light Through Joyfully Becoming The Heroine Of Her Own Life

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    Loved it than her first book, though they seem to compliment each other nicely and perhaps should be read simultaneously Definitely changed my view of my feminine self, as well as my inner family, PMS and menstruation, and the recurring idea of seasons and cycles Stover s dive into the depths of our complex, female personality is a hauntingly beautiful journey Definitely wanna give my Heroine Journey a go

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    This review a giveaway were originally published at When I was offered the opportunity to read review The Book of SHE, I jumped at the chance Not only was it already on my divine empowered feminine to read list, but I thought it particularly jived with what we do here at She of the Wild I m always looking for delicious reads on this not very well represented subject matter, and Sara s book seemed perfect for my tastes.Each chapter of The Book of SHE includes the main text, on topics such as Becoming a Whole and Holy Heroine and Ending the War Within exercises to help you practice and incorporate Sara s teachings into your real world lifejournaling prompts to bring you deeper into your heroine s journeyaccess to supplemental materials on Sara s website, such as audio recordings of the meditations included in the book, which I LOVED I always get frustrated when authors include meditations in their books, but don t include an audio versionSara also describes some of her personal experiences from her own heroine s journey I always enjoy reading such anecdotal stories, but find that many books swing heavily either toward or away this material The Book of SHE offers a great balance between the author s life experiences and the inspirational instruction.I particularly enjoyed how Sara shared some of the feminine archetypes that have showed up in her life including Emily Dickinson Yes, the poet You know that I swooned over Emily being treated as a divine feminine archetype The Book of SHE is easy to read but does lead you into some complicated terrain, such as journeying to our personal underworlds and healing our mother wounds yikes This is necessary for those women who are seeking to live awake and empowered, but it can be very uncomfortable Thankfully, Sara offers a lot support as you traverse this tricksy terrain.I felt extremely challenged by much of The Book of SHE but in ways that felt healthy and necessary And I also felt incredibly inspired by Sara s words and excited to see what embracing some of her practices might do for me.Here are a few of my favorite quotes We are at the point where, as grown women, we recognize the need to stop pushing ourselves forward from a hidden agenda to be loved p 35 Our bodies aren t indentured servants here to labor for us until we take our dying breath They are sacred chalices Our bodies always tell the truth and hold the information we need to thrive p 43 every moment of the day can be SHE space, if we allow it to be When we re nursing the baby, driving on the freeway, and chopping onions, we can be at home in our bodies and alive in our senses Rather than getting lost in thoughts, we can fully inhabit our lives p 81 We need to see the darkness as part of our nature It s half of the miracle of life a safe and holy place imbued, like dark chocolate, with bittersweet beauty We need to remember that all true creativity springs from the darkness We need to learn to hold sleep, surrender, and uncertainty as profound spiritual practices p 102.

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    Endorsements Women s bodies and minds are different from men s, and the best way toward a healthy, satisfying life is to embrace that difference Provocative and thorough, The Book of SHE explores the mystery and alchemy of what it means to be a woman Sara Avant Stover will guide you toward reclaiming the power and beauty of your own amazing body in this groundbreaking book Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Cure Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol What a truthful, beautifully written guide for women seeking a feminine path to wholeness Sara Avant Stover offers herself in these pages, and I devoured them Jennifer Louden, author of The Life Organizer A Woman s Guide to a Mindful Year Sara Avant Stover has created the ultimate emotional journey road map for a woman to reclaim what is sacred about her This book weaves together stories from our feminine spiritual heritage with practical strategies to facilitate healing your feminine spirit It s an inner journey that ultimately allows you to live a soul centered and passionate life Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source and founder of www.FLOliving.com Sara Avant Stover knows that to give form to your dreams, you must recover your feminine field Instead of tracking linear pathways for success, The Book of SHE calls for embodying your sacredness Stover has created a priceless map for how to live from the beauty you contain Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine Finding Power, Spirit, Joy in the Root of the Female Body, Wild Creative Return to Your Natural Creative Flow in Home, Work, and Life and Mothering From Your Center Tapping Your Body s Natural Energy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

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    There were many parts of this book that resonated with me and I felt the author s wisdom shining through She has obviously worked hard to figure out this mystery called life, invested a lot in learning about her femininity, and shares a lot of personal information about her journey I loved all of the information about archetypes and meditation exercises, plus the part about menstruation was really enlightening to me In other parts, especially when she was relating her own experiences, I felt very distracted by her tone which I read as high maintenance difficult and maybe a little spoiled , especially when she d write things like you need to do X I also didn t like the constant references back to The Way of the Happy Woman write your books as standalone pieces although I do own that book, I don t want to have to keep referring back to it to read this one Overall, I didn t like this as much as her first book, but I appreciate that I have taken some treasures from this one into my own journey.

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    This book has taken me over a year to read, because, I, like the book directs, took a long journal through my inner world and came out the other side a complete, aware, empowered woman Avant Stover s writing is a nice balance of personally illustrative and guiding Like she predicted I scoffed at parts, and then a few months later found my self devouring them This is one that will become a reference book whenever I find myself coming apart I really appreciate her understanding of the issues women face and her approachable way to help us help ourselves I really think this book is good for any woman, no matter how together or how damaged It would also be good for men who want to understand the impacts of the world on women.

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    It shows that it took me months to read this book but it s not because it was hard to read or was boring This book is a journey and involves and a lot of writing, meditations, and activities rituals It follows the story of Persephone and her descent ascent into the underworld and makes it personal and real It is life changing and even if you aren t into goddess worship, it will give you a lot of insight into yourself.

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    This is a powerful and important book for all women on the path I have been fortunate to work directly with the author in a 9 month course based on this book and it completely changed my life I would recommend this book to any of my friends.

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    Some parts very good others plodding I found it rather a heavy book to read

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    Meh She seems very young to be the authority on the archetypal journey of womanhood Not for me.

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    This book was reviewed for the San Francisco Book Review Stover s Book of SHE was an amazing journey of self discovery I had not intended to get as drawn into it as I did I felt compelled to stop and carry out the appropriate tasks, which slowed my reading Stover details an alchemic working focusing on the heroine s journey, which is rather different than the hero s journey made popular by Joseph Campbell The heroine s journey is just as prevalent in myth, legend, and modern culture, though it oft tends to be overlooked It is a subtle journey spiraling within Stover pays homage to both Campbell, and his hero s journey, as well as Maureen Murdock s heroine s journey, as laid out in The Heroine s Journey Woman s Quest for Wholeness Oh, and let s not forget Carl Jung and archetypes, which play such a vital role in either journey.This book will teach you to embrace your divine female energies, which men and women both have, and to learn acceptance for the cyclical things in your life These lessons were especially important to me My natural feminine cycles and I do not get along I am working on correcting that now, and already I can sense greater creativity in my life I found the meditations useful, though mine went in quite unexpected directions.Other tasks prompt you to work with inner archetypes, such as the Inner Critic, Wounded Child, Patriarch, and others All are Shadow reflections that hold valuable lessons They developed as they did as a protection It is your job to meet them, thank them, and work together to find better life strategies from there on out It is long work that requires dedication, but the payoff at the end is wonderful My own archetype work, within the context of the exercises in this book, manifested in wildly different ways than I expected.The Book of SHE is a must read for any, be they female or male, to get in touch with the anima and feminine energies that we all hold within If you follow the exercises and tasks laid out in the book, you will find yourself growing and blossoming in unexpected ways, as you release and waken energies long dormant.