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This Award Winning Graphic Biography Of Pablo Picasso Captures The Prolific And Eventful Life Of One Of The World S Best Loved Artists Pablo Explores Picasso S Early Life Among The Bohemians Of Montmartre, His Turbulent Relationship With Artist Model Fernande Olivier, And How His Art Developed Through Friendshipswith Poets Max Jacob And Guillaume Apollinaire, The Painter Georges Braque, And His Great Rival Henri Matisse Julie Birmant And Cl Ment Oubrerie Depict A Career That Began In Poverty And Reached Its Climax With The Advent Of Cubism And Modern Art This was farinteresting for the story told about Picasso s model, lover, muse Fernande Olivier So often relegated to a name, or not named at all, her story reflectsabout the context in which art was created in the period. I have yet to read a Picasso biography and thought this graphic biography might be a good place to start I was mistaken There were lots of people coming and going, and since I did not know many of them, it made for a rather confusing read I gather this is also a collected edition, which might explain some of the choppiness of the reading experience I was expecting a biography of his entire life and work, but this one is rather narrow in scope, and is restricted to the first several years as an artist in Paris There is all the usual artistic angst, and what I really liked is that this story is told by Fernande Olivier, his lover, obsession and muse for the years they were together The woman behind the man and his paintings in an interesting angle I really liked the art and the mood evoked by the color palette used The story does capture the excitement of Paris in that time period really well I clearly need to move a biography of the man, and maybe the memoir of Fernande up my TBR pile. This was an interesting book I was expectingof a general biography of Picasso, but this isnarrowly focused, telling only the tale of his early years in Paris, before his style was fully formed It also delves into the life of Fernande, his lover and muse during those years, and is as much her story as it is his The book examines the various influences on his style, and helps put his work into the greater context of art history in general I m not sure how meaningful this book will be to someone who doesn t at least have a hazy knowledge of who Picasso and Braque and Matisse and Alfred Jarry and Rousseau and Gaugin and Gertrude Stein and Apollinaire and so on are I like the idea of doing artist biographies in comics form I m just not sure this book is the best example of that It s quite good if you know some of the background, but some sort of general knowledge of Picasso and or early 20th century art is probably advisable. Graphic not novel biography of the artist himself with brilliant artwork A collection of vignettes featuring various figures in Picasso s life, told from two points of view Pablo and Fernande, his lady love in Paris Just loved all the eccentric artist and expat crowd stories from Montmartre and side trips to Spain Didn t feel ended, so I m hoping for the artist to cover the next important scenes in this amazing life in future volumes. Of course, I expected that since I know nothing about Picasso s life, this book will help me find out details about his biography, so if you want the same thing, then this is not the book for it However, this story tells us about a certain period of Picasso s life and helps us understand what kind of person he was, how he treated women and what was his daily life like Many other famous artists are mentioned as well There s a separate story line about one of his models and lovers Fernanda Olivier That s how we find out how women were treated these days and what kind of role they played in the lifes of people from a creative society I m glad the world has changed since then The book is really expensive, but it s totally worth the money After a few hours spent reading it, you ll feel like you ve dived into the atmosphere of these times or watched a movie about it. I really didn t like this graphic novel The artwork was great, but the story wasn t I found it really hard to follow There were a lot of characters who came in and out of the story that I couldn t keep track of It also skipped around a lot, I think maybe having chapters would have helped I suppose I learned a little bit about Picasso and his life reading it, but I mostly just felt confused when I finished it Maybe something was lost in translation I did like the Vincent van Gogh book that is in the same series different author artist though so maybe that made the difference. What a fun way to read about an artist This graphic biography of Pablo Picasso tells the story of Picasso s early career and his model and lover Fernande Picasso is living in Montmartre in Paris and his friends include other famous artists Julie Birmant has written another biography about Van Gogh which I would also like to read. Picasso was one of the greatest and most fascinating artists ever A few years ago I went to an exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute on Picasso and Women which took a close look at one of the issues critics from all directions focused on for years How did cubism and his complicated relationships with women coincide Why is it he sometimes seemed to depict love as something like murder when he had such passionate relationships with so many women Did he hate women Was he a genius Was he crazy If you look at his paintings of women, some of them repainted at the most tumultuous times of his relationships with them, or when the relationship was over, you had to wonder if he might bee essentially misogynist And yet, when he died, why is two of his former lovers committed suicide Many of these rocky relationships, veering toward madness as they seemed to do, were the source of his most productive work over the course of an amazing career where he forsook tradition and forged new directions few understood at the time.Julie Bermant and Clement Ouberie combined to create a four volume biography of Picasso that I read in its one volume collection Picasso was 91 when he died, supposedly with a brush in his hand, so they had to make a decision about which Picasso they would focus on They chose the early, pre famous Picasso, when his lover was Fernande Olivier, who becomes the romantic center of these books They are subtitled for the key relationships with males that were important for him from the time he was in Montmarte and lived with Fernande, including the poets Max Jacob and Guillaume Apollinaire, but she, one of his many muses, is the frame through which we see Picasso The painter Georges Braque, and his great rival Henri Matisse play central roles in the tale, as do a cascade of names we associate from the period, such as Gertrude Stein and her husband, Alice B Toklas, cameos in a wild Parisian play, with sex, wine, drugs and art in dizzying array.If you know nothing about Picasso or this period in Paris, you will be lost wondering who all the people are, I suspect, even after 340 pages It is a huge and impressive and lovely undertaking, depicting the events and color and feel of the time, and it is never boring It evokes a time, in comics fashion, versus giving a factual account We get poetic impressions of the relationship between Picasso and so many people And the depiction of him here is largely sympathetic, though it was clearly his rages and jealousies made him difficult to deal withThe series is based on Fernande Olivier s memoir Souvenirs Intimes Picasso s first great love, Olivier is still known as la belle Fernande Her book is a close up view of the seven years she spent with the painter mostly in the infamous Bateau Lavoir or Laundry Boat, a ramshackle artist colony built on the side of a hill It s mostly a romantic vision of an amazing time I think a depiction of two decades later would be a very different book and different Picasso But this is impressive and fun.The Fernande of this book is much like many French comics depictions of women and often BY women I have read in recent years Catel s Kiki de Montparnasse, Hubert s Miss Don t Touch Me, Penelope Bagieu s Exquisite Corpse, romantic portraits of wispy haired, lithe, free and lovely mostly waif thin women I like them all, I ll admit, but I have to say they are similar Audrey Hepburn Amelie After each reading or viewing, I just want to go to Paris I want to live in that period, drink wine with that crowd I think I might have writtenin my life Now how much to fly to the south of France If you like this period and know the names, it will be great to travel back to it with Julie Bermant and Clement Ouberie It was for me. Coming back from a holiday in Spain, I brought back two books on Picasso one was The Illustrated Biography Dosde Publishing and the other was this one, Pablo a 350 page comic book on the life of the artist, with magnificent drawings and beautiful watercolors In Pablo, the story of Picasso is told from the perspective of Picasso s first big love, Fernande Olivier so the narration is mostly limited to the five years that they were together plus a rushed account of the years leading up to that point, whereattention is given to the details of what was going on in Fernande s life than Picasso s With some notable inconsistencies between The Illustrated Biography and Pablo, I was left wondering whether Fernande is meant to be an unreliable narrator, and even whether the choice of having her tell the story served as a rationale for distorting the events The most notable contradiction was the nature of the relationship between Fernande and Picasso at first, where the womanizer Picasso is shown as being head over heels in love with Fernande who, on the other hand, doesn t want to have anything to do with him It felt like a trite clich of a love story, with the lovesick Picasso chasing after the disinterested Fernande While The Illustrated Biography doesn t dwell long on how Picasso and Fernande got together, there is a quote from her about the first time they met This inner fire that could be perceived in him generated a kind of magnetism that I just couldn t resist This seems like the complete opposite of the Fernande in the comic and her attitude towards Picasso Then, with Fernande being the narrator in Pablo, she comes off as completely full of herself with lines like Pablo and I would make love It was nice, but not out of this world at least for me Or, after she has left Picasso To fill the hole that I had left, Pablo surrounded himself with friends Another notable inaccuracy of Pablo, judging from a comparison with The Illustrated Biography, is that when Picasso takes Fernande to Barcelona where his parents were still living, while he resided with Fernande in Paris in 1906, they become regulars in the Parisian style tavern Le Quatre Gats, where Picasso had spent a lot of time when he was living in Barcelona but according to The Illustrated Biography that tavern was closed down in 1903 before Picasso had even met Fernande With that, I have to wonder what else the author of Pablo might have gotten wrong There is very little focus on Picasso s actual paintings, which felt like a wasted opportunity for a comic book on the artist I had gotten excited about reading Pablo as I was going through The Illustrated Biography, and was curious to see what the artistic rendering of what I was reading there would be like, but I have to say that, despite the beautiful drawings, Pablo is mostly a letdown, and the main reason for that is the excessive focus on Fernande Olivier, and the effects that has on the story.