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Jason Pelham Is A Senior Manager Whose Talents Propel Him Toward The Top Of The Food Chain Of One Of The Largest Corporations In The World But With His Ascension He Becomes Aware Of The Corruption And Predation That Inherently Seems To Cast Its Shadow Over Even The Most Virtuous When Given Access To Ultimate Power And Money The Company, Also Known As The Workshop, Offers Its Service At The Pleasure Of The People Who, Due To Their Own Desires For It, Become The Unwitting Pawns In A Game Of Power, Politics, Exploitation, And Greed Enter Into A World Where Lore Has Become History, Fantasy Becomes Fact, Magic Becomes Resource, Knowledge Becomes The Technology Of Espionage, And A Fanciful Legend Takes On A New And Sinister Twist When Forced To Fit The Mold Of Cold, Hard Reality

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    A fantastic journey and a real eye opener I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single page of this exciting and thought provoking novel The author has captured our fascination with and reliance upon technology and our constantly upgraded devices He has real insight into human behavior and how easily we are swayed in our thought process Do you ever feel like someone is telling you how to think and feel There is a reason for that We are encouraged to react in a certain way But to what end A brilliant concept using our beloved Christmas holiday as the backdrop for something so nefarious However, it is only nefarious from our point of view The masterminds behind this plot only see how they are doing the world a favor Making us all good I m recommending this book to all my friends and family.

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    This book is an enjoyable summer read Fast paced with a combination of old world style with high tech technology Imaginative with a plot so realistic it will leave you wondering if not yet then when

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    Absolutely loved it Couldn t put it down and basically read it in a single sitting, funny thing was as I was reading it I couldn t help but think how eerily similar it was to the world around us present day and it had been written long before Great job

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    This clever twist on a favorite folk legend needed trimming and streamlining Though the story was studded with marvelous gems, they were dulled by repetitive narrative The author s academic voice was a poor fit for this fun, fanciful, and outrageous tale.