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Free Textbooks The Blood Wood (Earthdawn 6113) –

Centuries Ago, The Beauty And Power The Blood Wood S Elven Court Inspired Awe Among The Barsaive S Tribes But When The Terrible Scourge Descended On Barsaive, The Elves Refused The Theran Empire S Magical Protection Rather Than Allow The Horrors To Feed On Their Emotions And Agony, The Elves Turned To Terrible Ritual Magic That Caused Thorns To Grow From Within Their Bodies And Inflicted Constant Agony Upon ThemselvesPlayers Can Enter The Twisted Real Of Earthdawn S Mysterious Elves With The Blood Wood Sourcebook The Blood Wood Sourcebook Describes Elven History, Culture, Magic, And Military And Political Power And Offers Gamemasters An Endless Source Of Adventure Ideas For Their Earthdawn Campaigns Good source book with deep back story on one of the unique areas of Barsaive.