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The Story Of The Most Important Art Show In US History Held At Manhattan S Th Regiment Armory In , The Show Brought Modernism To America In An Unprecedented Display OfWorks By Artists Including Picasso, Matisse, And Duchamp, A Quarter Of A Million Americans Visited The Show Most Couldn T Make Sense Of What They Were Seeing Newspaper Critics Questioned The Artists Sanity A Popular Rumor Held That The Real Creator Of One Abstract Canvas Was A Donkey With Its Tail Dipped In PaintThe Armory Show Went On To Boston And Chicago And Its Effects Spread Across The Country American Artists Embraced A New Spirit Of Experimentation As Conservative Art Institutions Lost All Influence New Modern Art Galleries Opened To Serve Collectors Interested In Buying The Most Progressive Works Over Time, The Stage Was Set For American Revolutionaries Such As Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Roy Lichtenstein, And Andy Warhol Today, When Museums Of Modern And Contemporary Art Dot The Nation And New York Reigns As Art Capital Of The Universe, We Live In A World Created By The Armory ShowElizabeth Lunday, Author Of The Breakout Hit Secret Lives Of Great Artists, Tells The Story Of The Exhibition From The Perspectives Of Organizers, Contributors, Viewers, And Critics Brimming With Fascinating And Surprising Details, The Book Takes A Fast Paced Tour Of Life In America And Europe, Peering Into Gertrude Stein S Famous Paris Salon, Sitting In At The Fabulous Parties Of New York Socialites, And Elbowing Through The Crowds At The Armory Itself

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    The 1913 armory show started the US on a path away from being a backwater to the center of the art world that it became later in the 20th century gives a look into the world of artists, art dealers and society people of NYC during days around 1913 armory show and the uproar it caused I enjoyed it

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    This is a book for fans of modern art as well as individuals who work in the arts While other types of artists may not be as interested in some of the political specifics of fine art, these types of in group and out group divisions exist in nearly all industries Very innovative individuals are often kept on the fringes while the current state of affairs attempts to maintain itself in a position of power What s interesting about this book is how some of these outsiders put together a show that caused an upheaval in the art world At the same time, the most inspiring aspect of the book is that now that we re 100 years from the incident that set things in motion, we see how much of an impact the show made on the industry The book shows that it s possible to make a significant difference.

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    Superb and accessible account of the 1913 Armory Show, the first major exhibition of modernism in the United States a must know about for anyone interested in modern art Lunday presents all kinds of great anecdotes about the show, its planning, and aftermath Her analysis of the way the spirit of the Armory reverberated across art for decades after are particularly interesting Deep enough to give art history buffs lots of chew on, but not too dense as to be a slog.

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    If you enjoy art, especially art history, you ll like this.

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    Short, breezy, insightfulwhat could you ask

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    I really enjoyed learning about the historical context of the Armory Show from its original inception This was a formative turning point in American art, in which the works of European modern artists were formally exhibited with the intention of exposing American artists to innovative ideas and concepts This is written as a narrative than a collection of chapters organized by subjects, which I found particularly effective I would recommend this book to anyone interested in art, as well as early 20th century American history.

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    A non fiction on a historic art exhibition As a story of the 20th century New York, this book is even appealing than a fiction like E.L Doctorow s Ragtime.

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    This well researched, lively book makes up for the modern art history class I wish I had taken.