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How McGruff And The Crying Indian Changed America A History Of Iconic Ad Council Campaigns Details How Public Service Advertising Campaigns Became Part Of Our National Conversation And Changed Us As A Society The Ad Council Began During World War II As A Propaganda Arm Of President Roosevelt S Administration To Preserve Its Business Interests Happily For The Ad Industry, It Was A Double Play The Government Got Top Notch Work The Industry Got An Insider Relationship That Proved Useful When Warding Off Regulation From Rosie The Riveter To Smokey Bear To McGruff The Crime Dog, How McGruff And The Crying Indian Changed America Explores The Issues And Campaigns That Have Been Paramount To The Nation S Collective Memory And Looks At Challenges Facing Public Service Campaigns In The Current Media Environment

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    The Ad Council has created some of the most iconic campaigns to spur Americans to action Volunteering their services to ward off direct federal intervention, they harnessed the country s top advertising executives and broadcasters to fight forest fires and take a bite out of crime Sometimes academic, this meticulously researched book shows how corporations have focused on individualism to combat societal ills The Council s corporate ties, and aversion to political controversy, have limited them to personal reforms that won t touch needed structural overhauls Much of their work has been good and effective, but the reader walks away wondering how much the public is ultimately served by the advertising industry s charity.

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    I thought advertising would be interesting Turns out it isn t I was interested in the ads themselves and how they came about I thought once I got to those chapters it would get better It did not Lots of stats and very dry.

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    A mind is Only you can Friends don t let friends Loose lips This book is an interesting deep dive into American PSAs Most advertising cases don t truly provide enough background information cultural, artistic, response This book goes all out with that information Definitely a must read if you are going into Advertising wendymelillo howmcgruffandthecryingindianchangedamerica smokeythebear wpl marketing creative

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    The book did a good job of explaining the impactful Ad Council stories, but it had a lot of seemingly tangential information about each, things like atmospherics and other background that wasn t relevant to the actual Ad Council campaign I think the book could have been much shorter and accomplished the same task.

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    An overview of some of the Public Service Announcements created by the Ad Council Each chapter goes into one campaign, starting with Smokey the Bear some successful, some less so The final chapter compares these to other PSAs and goes into some detail about the decline of screen time.The book felt very disconnected, of a survey than a statement I would have liked a bit history of the campaigns themselves Being ads, a few pictures would also be nice but then the full spots are probably on the internet somewhere.

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    Ultimately, a book about how advertising works Don t care.

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    Interesting subject matter, bogged down with A LOT of statistics.

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    I like the statistics in the book A fascinating read