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{download books} Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, #4) Author Toni Griffin –

I was only going to give this one 2 stars because it treated the women in the book so badly, but I m such a sucker for the they have to stay separated to protect each other trope After reading all 4 books, I can say that the sex in each book was exactly the same It was kinda creepy, considering this is a series about brothers. Well, the series is done and will not be revisited, at least by me This last book was just silly Forbidden Mate Really How about Held At Arms Length for No Good Reason Mate The premise that Jake and the 4th brother, Rick s bonding was rejected by Jake for a remarkably denied for 10 YEARS yet ill conceived reason was just dumb After a couple of years as someone else stated maybe, but once both men had matured and Rick s brother became Alpha and his father was a supportive Alpha , to have continued to deny their bond just made no sense other than the author said so And then in an instant, all that was gone, they bonded, issue taken care of, book over Too bad really because the series had such promise in the beginning. eh the whole reason for rejecting his mate was so weak it was roll your eyes stupid the flashback scene was super annoying IMO it should have been a prologue not a flash back and still it was just roll you eyes view spoiler then after ten years one person says grow some balls and claim your mate and he does and mate is immediately over ten years of misery and rejection first half of book is just Jake playing games with Rick like kissing him then rejecting him again just repeatedly hot and cold then he finally claims him and rest of book is one sex scene after another hide spoiler In this final book we gets to read about the Baby brother Rick and the reason why his mate Jake have not claimed him for the last 10 years At the same time it is about the sub plot or co main plot of Brian s pregnancy.I find that Jake s reasoning is rather weak The Big reason was that after Jake told his father that his mate is Rick, the father threaten to kill Rick is Jake ever claimed him Jake s father was also the third strongest wolf in the pack I simply do not understand why Jake did not just tell the Alpha at that time it was the brothers father of this Surely the alpha would be mighty pissed that one of the pack member threaten to kill his baby boy.There were some inconsistency as well, to me at least anyway Jake s intention forthan half of the book seems to be about never ever claim his mate assuming that at least until his father died from whatever cause because of his father s threat and his fear that he had been such a jerk to Rick for so long that Rick no longer wants him.So for me the conflict seems weak Jake did not behave like a powerful Beta wolf I suppose I find it hard to believe that it took 10 years to solve this conflict when the it could have been solve much much earlier. The biggest issue that I had with this was the constant rejection and because they are mates then it s immediately forgiven Ten years of torture and daily rejection and there is no consequence Jake could have gotten help Being a part of a pack means you get to lean on each other and help each other out That this wasn t done say much about Jake There was no reason that he couldn t trust in both Alphas who had proven their acceptance and tolerance over and over again. I can t believe this shitty plotted reason for 10 years of waiting and staying unmated My advice to this author, stop writing if your imagination for 10 years of misery stops at this plot I m so disappointed I could kick this authors ass. 1.5 starsWhen I read series I always hope the series gets better and better, I m afraid this is not the case The reason why Jake didn t Take Rick as his mate was so silly that this story is a huge disappointment.You don t expect an alpha mate to be so weak and I was thinking when I was reading this story he really needs to grow some balls Very weak character and very silly story line. I waited how long to read this UGH 58% of this was a flashback I could have done without all of that Sure the beginning was fine, but after 10 years it got old Speaking of 10 years TEN FUCKING YEARS Jack you are a douche So he didn t tell Joe or Alex what was going on, not to mention Patrick He let Patrick think he hated him for 10 years It took away from the story for me The reasoning behind the separation was dumb and unbelievable When we finally got to the present it flew by and was kind of focused on Brian and Marcus, which is fine, but I wantedof Jake and Patrick Oh well I cried a lot My heart wept for Patrick. Finding His Mate Should Have Been Patrick Holland S Greatest Day, Instead It Turned Into A Nightmare With One Phone Call His Mate Didn T Want Him His Heart Broke, But At Sixteen He Was Too Young To Do Anything The Next Ten Years Ten Long Years Of Patrick S Life Are Spent At Odds With His Mate Split By Forces He Can T Comprehend And A Long Line Of Misunderstandings, Patrick Doubts He Ll Ever Get The Man He S Both Loved And HatedJake Richmond Never Expected To Come Home From Uni To Find The Youngest Holland Brother Was His Mate Knowing The News Might Uplift His Still Grieving Father, Jake Shares The News Only To Have His Young Mate Threatened Jake Does The Only Thing He Can Think Of, Protect Patrick The Next Ten Years Are Nothing But Torture For Jake As He Watches His Mate Grow Into A Remarkable Young Man They Say Time Heals All Wounds, But How Much Time Please Note FM Has Been Reedited, And Expanded By About , Words The whole series is crack Baby twink wolf mpreg crack Ahhhhhh