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Kat Darkest Powers Wiki FANDOM Powered By Short Story About Another Edison Group Subject Narrated By Katiana, The Only Vampire In The Genesis II Project Click Here To Read Kat Kat Darkest Powers,by Kelley Armstrong Start Your Review Of Kat Darkest Powers,Write A Review Mar ,Mlpmom Book Reviewer Rated It Liked It Fun Addition To The Series And Reminded Me Why I Had So Much Fun With The Series To Begin With Flaglikes Like See Review Sep ,Cas Rated It It Was Amazing Shelves C Short Story Collections, Zaz A Great Short Story From Kelley Armstrong, Based In TheKat Otherworld Wiki Fandom Kat Is A Darkest Powers Short Story Featuring The Only Hereditary Vampire In The Edison Group S Genesis II Project Named Katiana The Events Of The Short Story Occur Before Those In The Summoning It Is Available To Read For Free On Kelley Armstrong S Website Synopsis Kat Is Deeply Asleep When Hunting Kat Darkest Powers Wiki FANDOM Kat Is A Sixteen Year Old Vampire, And She S Not Too Happy About It After An Experiment Gone Wrong And A Bullet To The Heart, She Now Hungers For Human Blood, And The Worst Part About That Is The Guilt But Guilt Isn T The Only Thing Stressing Her Kat Is Being Hunted By The Edison Group, A Dangerous Cabal That Is Responsible For Her Undead State Kat Is Running Out Of Places To Hide, AndKathy Darkest Powers Wiki Fandom Kathy, Also Known As Katiana And Kat She Is A Supernatural That Appears In The Short Story Kat And Hunting Kat She Is The Only Vampire Subject Of The Genesis II Project In Kat, Kathy Mentions That Her Skills Come From The Training She Did She Is A Competition Level Gymnast, A Brown Belt In Karate, And A Second Degree Black Belt In Aikido She Can See In The Dark, Sense Other Living Beings, And Knock Out Hunting Kat Darkest Powers,by Kelley Hunting Kat Is The Sequal To Kat, A Short Story In The Darkest Powers Series Kat, After Her Complete Change Into A Vampire Is Enjoying Her New Life, Despite Mags Babysiting Her And Telling Her She S Not Ready Yet To Fed From The Source Kat And Mags Were Suppose To Met Expersts On Vampires, Mags Friends But Kat Lousy Driving Skills Got Her Separated And Captured By Bounty Hunters What Will They Do Book Review Kat Darkest Powers,by KelleyKat Darkest Powers,by Kelley Armstrong Short Story About Another Edison Group Subject Originally Published In The Eternal Kiss Darkest Powers WikipediaDarkest Powers Series By Kelley Armstrong Also See The Sequel Series The Darkness Rising Kat Darkest Powers,, Kisses From Hell, Hunting Kat Darkest Powers,, Dangerous Darkest Powe Darkest Powers Darkness Rising Kelley Armstrong Darkest Powers When Chloe Saunders Starts Seeing Ghosts, It Lands Her In A Group Home For Troubled Teens At First, She Accepts Her Diagnosis And Is Determined To Cope With It But She Soon Realizes The Sensible Route Might Lead To A Very Dangerous Place

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    Fun addition to the series and reminded me why I had so much fun with the series to begin with!

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    A great short story from Kelley Armstrong, based in the Darkest Powers/ Darkness Rising universe.

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    5 out of 5

    Kat, unknowing to her, is a genetically modified vampire as one of the Edison Group experiments. Though, when Marguerite, a vampire, feels sorry for Kat, she helps her escape from the Edison Group. However, what will happen when they finally catch her?

    A very short story. According to The Darkest Powers website, this story was originally published in The Eternal Kiss anthology. Kat’s story is then continued in the anthology Kisses from Hell, which I will try to read later on.

    Not really long enough to give enough details or events, but the glimpse at the characters got me interested in Kat’s stories. :) Even though it doesn’t have that much details or events, it was still enjoyable to read. This short story got me interested in reading the continuation. ;)

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    This was a nice short story. We meet Kat and Margurite who are on the run from people who work for the Edison Group. Kat has been experimented on as a young child and then ran away with Margurite. But sometimes the best laid plans dont always work out how they are meant to...

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    I did enjoy it, though it had some plot holes… Can someone explain why when Kat is woken up by Marguerite she says “I pushed her away, muttering that I’d skip the bus and jog to school”, and then later on she states that she is home-schooled? Is it like she imagined herself when she was in school, in her home-town? I don’t know. It left me kind of confused too, but I would really like to continue this series. Kinda reminded me of the “All Souls” series by Deborah Harkness.

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    The most pointless excerpt I've ever read.

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    Kat is a sixteen year old unknown supernatural being raised by a vampire. She’s been on the run for a long time, but when hunters arrive for Marguerite she’s more than happy to pick up and run again. If it means staying with Marguerite it’s worth it. Only when these hunters catch up to them they know her name, her real name the one she had before she met Marguerite and they’re not after Marguerite, they’re after her. Will she be able to escape them or will the return her to the Edison Group Lab she ran away from with Marguerite in the first place?

    I gave this story a three star because I guess there’s nothing really wrong to it, it just doesn’t offer much of a story arc. Mostly what the story is, is a chase scene where Edison Group people chase Kat and Marguerite around shooting at them. I mean it does offer the discovery of what Kat is at the end of the story, but other than that there’s really not much to this story and I don’t honestly see the value of it for the series. It also contradicts some of the other things mentioned in the original series like werewolves being a part of Edison Group, since no werewolves actually worked for them in the original series that kind of bothered me. It’s a fast paced, first person story from Kat’s point of view but there’s really not much to it and I don’t really see how it does anything for the series. It’s kind of action intermingled with Kat’s internal monolog of her background and would have served nicely as the first chapter of a novel but as a standalone story, even a short one it fall very short.

    Most of the characters in this story are nameless background characters. The only semi developed characters are Kat and Marguerite. Considering space they’re decently developed but over all I wouldn’t call them well developed. They’re interesting characters that I’d love to know more about but there’s not enough story here to offer that more I’m looking for.

    Overall I guess it’s not a bad story, but then again with such a small story arc I can’t really call it a good one either. I don’t know if I’d recommend it to readers, but then again if they have the extra time they might enjoy the five minute read. I guess the decision about whether this is worth reading it really up to you as a reader.

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    I would definitely not recommend it for readers unfamiliar with the Darkest Power series because, while it is a fun addition to the series and it feels a part of them, it doesn't do much as a story on its own.

    It also doesn't add much to the story arc of the original Darkest Power stories except to show us other supernatural groups, which is something I enjoy and why I gave it a high rating. That being said, I wish there had been more about Kat and her powers, it was mostly her origin story and we know how those tend to be quick and easy.

    Overall, just a fun addition to a very cool series.

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    This was a short but enjoyable story that packed in a lot of background info on Kat.

    Available as a freebie online now, it was first printed in the anthology The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Blood and Desire. Kat turns up again in Hunting Kat from Kisses From Hell.

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    This is a good short connected to the world in the The Darkest Powers trilogy. I thought it would have an open ending, and wasn't sure how they would pull it off. But while there is certainly room to continue with these characters (which I hope they do), it was a well constructed short with a good solid for-now ending.