[[ Prime ]] Necromancer System: A Dark Fantasy LitRPG (Book 1)Author Mrdojo –

I Love This Novel And Everything About It For Any Fans Of Evil Protagonists, Calculating Protagonists, Blood And Gore, And Dark Magic, This Is The Novel For You This Novel Always Keeps Me Wantingand I Believe The Story Progresses At A Good Pace, With Several Chapters Being Quite Long So You Feel Like Youve Received A Good Fill Of The Story For The Day I Love The Characters Involved And The Plot That Is Included Throughout Each Arc, And It Always Surpasses My Expectations It Also Has Some Funny Moments That Caught Me By Surprise And I Enjoyed A Good Laugh, Which Helps You Appreciate The Story And The Fun The Author Had In Writing It Its By Far One Of The Best Novels Ive Ever Read And The Author Really Deserves To Be Applauded For His Writing And Dedication To The Fan Base Webnovel ReaderHi GuysMost People Might Be Sitting On The Fence On The Thought Of Reading A Book With An Evil Protagonist Anti Hero, The Best Advice I Can Give You Guys Is To Just Do It I Promise By The Time You Finish Reading This Novel, Youll Look At Villains In A New LightThis Is A Novel Born From The Lack Of Likable Evil Protagonist And Evil MCs Without Depth To Them While Writing This Novel, I Wanted My Readers To Feel And Understand How Certain Events Could Change Someones Life While Reading This Novel, I Hope My Readers Will Be Able To Capture The Kind Of World I Envisioned Through The Eyes Of The Characters