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A Jaw Dropping Re Evaluation Of Everything We Thought We Knew About Men, Women, And Sex Men Are Biologically Programmed To Want Sex With Lots Of Different Women, Whereas Women Are Designed To Stay True To One Person, Right Wrong In Untrue, New York Times Bestselling Author Wednesday Martin Reveals That We Are Just At The Beginning Of Understanding Womens Sexuality Properly From New York To Namibia To A Conference Of Sex Researchers In Montreal, She Takes Us On A Journey To Understand Women Who Refuse Monogamy,posing Questions About Why We Became Sexually Exclusive In The First Place Martin Attends All Female Sex Parties Where Married Straight Women Fulfill Their Fantasies Considers Contemporary Societies Where Women Take Many Lovers Analyses How The Invention Of The Plough Suppressed Female Autonomy Andpresents Fascinating Researchabout Why Women Stray Their Motivations Are Not So Different From Mens Frank And Myth Busting, Untrue Validates The Desires Of Women Everywhere, Including The Silent Majority In Committed Relationships Who Struggle With Staying Faithful

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    I recently heard about Dr Martin s work via Chris Ryan s podcast, Tangentially Speaking, and immediately bought the book upon publication I was riveted from the start, and found it hard to put down The research that Martin describes is validating of many of my own and my friend s experiences, some paradoxical high desire, loss of libido in committed relationships, loss of libido after having children, wanting sexual freedom despite being in happy marriages, and experiencing firsthand the intimate connection between autonomy and desire I really appreciate the fact that she like the movie Monogamish doesn t endorse any particular relationship style, and doesn t share her own, because ultimately it s up to each person to decide what s right for them I appreciate her attempt at leveling the playing field by highlighting the deep hypocrisy that surrounds societal attitudes towards male v female sexualities This book is a good companion to Ryan and Jetha s Sex at Dawn, but goes into greater detail about the effects that different types of agriculture had on gender power dynamics as well as details about Bonobo sexuality and female aggression I also appreciated her in depth look at some positive and sustainable examples of alternative relationship styles We need of those I m passing this book to my husband now.

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    I think Wednesday read 50 Shades of Gray and got an idea to write a book.Science, a healthy understanding of physiology, spiritual health nor history supports the idea of unbridled eros leading our sexual practices.Those that live the longest have monogamous heterosexual realtionships How did you miss those studies I already lived thru the sexual revolution and in my opinion it was a failure as it produced nothing to benifit society but only served to gratify ones narcissistic desires Some half baked science certainly doesn t justify another movement of like kind.BTW, young people who have access to porn and sex then we ever did growing up are anxious, and feel hopelessthats from real studies and science and should be of much greater concern then our failed and tainted selfish pursuits

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    Having just finished the book Sapiens a few weeks ago, I knew that the switch from hunter gathering to agriculture was the greatest crime in history, according to the author But he did not parse the catastrophic effect by gender Wednesday Martin does, and you will never think of the word plough the same way again You ll never think about many things the same way after reading this book Some of my fellow mid to late middle aged friends, when hearing or reading about Untrue, say they don t want to read about infidelity as if the book is endorsing it, which it is not What the book is advocating for is the closing of the sexual entitlement gap The scientific research is as entertainingly presented as the cultural observations, and the conclusions derived from both are astonishing.

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    If you ve been a fan of the TED talk stars and bestsellers Chris Ryan Sex at Dawn and Esther Perel Mating in Captivity, The State is Affairs this is the other puzzle piece you were looking for.I ve actually decided to host a book club about Untrue next week and some friends are starting to give me feedback on how the reading is transforming the way they think about their own sexuality and their life choices in general.I hope you don t get discouraged by the one star reviews and give this amanzing well researched brilliantly written book a try.Just keep this in mind The truth will set you free but first it might piss you off Enjoy

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    I heard about the book from Open Love 101 John Jackie Melfi , and since I have always been fascinated with, and about, females in general, I wanted to read it to get another perspective on the feminine side of sexuality This book walks you through a LOT of research and real life interviews, and comparative analysis with primates like the Bonbos, who have a 99% DNA match to humans.I wouldn t call it a sexually explicit book by any means, but there are a lot of sexual discussions in terms of the interviews that were conducted, but they were done in a tasteful way without explicit sexual details at least not in the book I can only imagine all of what Wednesday Martin may have learned or discussed that didn t actually get included.As a man, reading this book, I do consider it very eye opening in terms of understanding the general feminine sexuality, but it is by no means a how to manual for what is going to work in every situation I think the biggest takeaway from it, is that EVERY relationship needs to be open about their wants, needs, expectations, etc from the VERY beginning to avoid some catastrophic failure years down the road where you may have brought children into the world and thus further complicating what may have become an already complicated relationship.I would definitely recommend this to any open minded or close minded for that matter man, and EVERY woman, because it may give each a light bulb moment to realize they are not alone or unique in whatever feelings they may be experiencing in their respective relationships.