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Beginning F# 4.0 (English Edition) eBook: Robert Pickering, Kit Eason: Tienda Kindle kindle –

This Book Is A Great Foundation For Exploring Functional First Programming And Its Role In The Future Of Application Development The Best Selling Introduction To F , Now Thoroughly Updated To Version , Will Help You Learn The Language And Explore Its New FeaturesFIs A Mature, Open Source, Cross Platform, Functional First Programming Language Which Empowers Users And Organizations To Tackle Complex Computing Problems With Simple, Maintainable And Robust Code F Is Also A Fully Supported Language In Visual Studio And Xamarin Studio Other Tools Supporting F Development Include Emacs, MonoDevelop, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, And VimBeginning FHas Been Thoroughly Updated To Help You Explore The New Features Of The Language Including Type ProvidersConstructors As First Class FunctionsSimplified Use Of Mutable ValuesSupport For High Dimensional ArraysSlicing Syntax Support For F ListsReviewed By Don Syme, The Chief Architect Of F At Microsoft Research, Beginning FIs A Great Foundation For Exploring Functional Programming And Its Role In The Future Of Application Development

3 thoughts on “Beginning F# 4.0 (English Edition) eBook: Robert Pickering, Kit Eason: Tienda Kindle

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    I really wanted to like this book, but by the time I reached the end of the 3rd chapter I had given up I am an intelligent person with 30 years in software development, using many modern tools and languages so the problem is not that I am some dummy that can t read between the lines a little Here are my complaints 1 The Kindle formatting was awful The bulk of the text appears bold, which is hard to look at Line spacing between examples and body text is messed up and often non existent, making it hard to tell sample text from body text Code comments appear above the line and in the same font as the code itself, cluttering up the examples even 2 There doesn t seem to be any logical progression in topic ordering If this is a beginning book, it should start with the basics and slowly build, but it doesn t This problem is also related to the next problem, which is actually the worst of all 3 Terms and syntax are used before they are explained I lost track of how many times in the 3rd chapter I was totally puzzled by an example because it used syntax that hadn t been described yet, or it showed cryptic output from F whose meaning was not clear and not explained Again, if this is a beginner book, you have to explain things before using them A fairly early example solved a problem by using a discriminated unions inside a method with absolutely no explanation of what a discriminated union even was I would not have know myself what I was looking at had I not already had some exposure to F.

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    I gave the book 2 stars, I would have given it 3, but, while the examples are good in the book, the author must not have run the code to see if it would actually compile and run The code won t run as is, and the author didn t fix it so that beginners in the language could try it, this is so bad when someone wants to learn a new programming language and the author doesn t even bother to present the code so it will run, much less build meaningful examples of real world programs Author you need fix this.

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    It s a very good introductory all around book on F.