[Leering] ➹ Panther Tank Enthusiasts' Manual: Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (SdKfz 171) (Haynes Enthusiasts' Manual) Por Mark Healy –

Regarded By Many As One Of The Greatest Tanks Ever Built, The German Panther Is Probably The Finest Medium Tank Of The Second World War Some , Were Made, Combining Firepower, Armour Protection And Mobility That Was Unmatched By Any Other Tank Of The Period On The Eastern Front It Was The Primary Nemesis Of The Russian TTank In The Last Two Years Of The War Ironically, The Panther S Genesis Lay In The Need For The Germans To Come Up With A New Tank Design After The THad Rendered The Panzer III Obsolete Almost Overnight After Operation Barbarossa In JuneThe Panther Made Its Combat Debut In Russia At The Battle Of Kursk In JulyAnd All Major German Tank Development After This Point Was Influenced By The Design Features Of The TSoviet Tank Crews Were Not Alone In Recognising The Panther As A Deadly Adversary The Allied Armies In Europe Encountered It During The Normandy Campaign InAnd Considered The Panther To Be The Most Formidable German Armoured Fighting Vehicle In Europe Through ToSuch Was The Effectiveness Of The Panther That The French Army Used It For A Period After The Second World War As It Rebuilt Its Own Armoured Force This book needsdata But it s good Bought the book as a reference for building models Very good Love all the books in the series.