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Great photographs, well made book Unfortunately, all that we d like to know, we can t The Vikings were too busy doing and did little recording Most of what we know came from the recordings of other countries. Vikings At War Is A Sumptuous Depiction Of How The Vikings Waged War Their Weapons Technology, Offensive And Defensive Warfare, Military Traditions And Tactics, Their Fortifications, Ships And Command Structure It Also Portrays The Viking Raids And Conquest Campaigns That Brought The Vikings To Virtually Every Corner Of Europe And Even To America Between The Th And The Century, Viking Ships Landed On Almost Every Shore In The Western World Viking Ravages United The Spanish Kingdoms And Stopped Charlemagne And The Franks Advance In Europe Wherever Viking Ships Roamed, Enormous Suffering Followed In Their Wake, But The Encounter Between Cultures Changed Both European And Nordic Societies Employing Unorthodox And Unpredictable Strategies, Which Were Hard For Organized Forces To Respond To, The Most Crucial Element Of The Vikings Success Was Their Basic Strategy Of Evading The Enemy By Arriving By Sea, Then Attacking Quickly And With Great Force Before Withdrawing Quickly The Warrior Class Dominated In A Militarized Society Honor Was Everything, And Breaking Promises And Ruining One S Posthumous Reputation Was Considered Worse Than Death Itself If A Man Offended Another Man S Honor, The Only Way Out Was Blood Revenge Vikings At War Provides A Vivid Account Of The Viking Art Of War, Weapons And The History Of Their Conquests With OverColour Illustrations Including Beautiful Reconstruction Drawings, Maps, Cross Section Drawings Of Ships, Line Drawings Of Fortifications, Battle Plan Reconstructions And Photos Of Surviving Artefacts Including Weapons And Jewellery The book followed along as it progressed through history about how the Vikings waged war and also peace Not only in Europe and the near east but also in the Americas. An inside look at how the Vikings terrorized Europe in their day and ,boy, did they get around Did not like the maps and charts as they were too small and faint to decipher Makes clear the old poem and from the fury of the Northmen, Oh Lord, deliver us. I loved the background information Hjardar gives I m not that interested in the fighting aspect, but hey, I bought a book called Vikings at War It is only to be expected that it would be about Vikings at war I use it a lot as a reference book, as I am teaching an extended unit on Vikings It s my favorite of the references.