[ Read books ] The Sources of Social Power: Volume 4, Globalizations, 1945-2011 PaperbackAuthor Michael Mann –

This Fourth Volume Of Michael Mann S Analytical History Of Social Power Covers The Period FromTo The Present, Focusing On The Three Major Pillars Of Post War Global Order Capitalism, The Nation State System And The Sole Remaining Empire Of The World, The United States

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    I bought it for my friends gift, she love the books very much.

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    Husband bought this for school Not sure about it.

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    A good book, but not a very good author

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    Turgid historical sociology filled with gross polemical flourishes Example on p 205 in his chapter on the fall of the Soviet Union, the author uses some U N population statistics to point to a dramatic fall in population in post Soviet Russia He concludes The atrocities of markets are not so visible as those of plans, but the suffering and the death rates may be similar.To grasp just how crude this reasoning is, ask yourself this question if there were adjustment problems in South Africa in the immediate transition from apartheid to multi racial democracy, how likely is it that an academic would remain in good standing if s he blamed the African National Congress rather than the distortions in apartheid itself for those adjustment problems