[[ download books ]] In the Land of Israel (Harvest in Translation)Author Oz Amos Oz –

A Distinguished Israeli Novelist Discusses The Experiences And Opinions Of Soldiers, Religious Leaders, Arabs, And Other Typical Inhabitants Of Israel And The West Bank

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    Fascinating stream of consciousness conversations with people from a variety of off the beaten path communities in Israel Shocking that the Kindle version has never been cleaned up in all these years, it is riddled with typos Cod almighty Is my favorite God comes out as Cod almost half the time, with hilarious effect.

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    This book is a collection of streams of consciousness that the author listened to and reconstructed with his own commentaries and deliberation and published in the weekend editions of Davar the daily paper that was the mouthpiece of the original party of Ben Gurion.In of themselves these independent windows into the existence and views of Israelis from different walks of life is well written, interesting and very educational Clearly a caleidoscope of life.The author s thoughts and vew points which he put to those he engaged did not affect any and obviously not very popular or accepted neither then or 30 years later.All they accomplished was to bring to light a deep split in Israeli society rather than build consensus The Israeli left kept losing credibility and strength and bled almost to death.Their tactics and philosophy have turned off the majority of ISRAELIS.

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    Although this book was first published in 1983 and updated in 1993 it is currently exceedingly topical and deserves not only to be read but incorporated into our thinking about that country Oz shows that the myth of the Jews as a unified concept, so favored by anti Semites, has no basis in fact The book depicts the wide varieties of views Israelis hold vis a vis Palestinians as well as Diaspora Jews In addition it reveals a latent self destructive trait in some of the citizens of the state which may bode ill for the future if it were to become a dominant feature of Israeli society.The book also presents the Palestinian side fairly and destroys the myth that they are all terrorists They are likewise people who want to live in peace and each side is poorly served by their respective government.From the many excellent points made by the various people Oz had conversations with there was one from a young Palestinian which deserves quoting Tell the Israelis power won t help them Power is like money today it s mine, tomorrow it s yours, the day after it s his They have to end the war with sense, not with power Justly Write for the peace Even Americans who put their confidence in our country s military might would benefit from taking this simple truth to heart.Thus, everyone who wants to understand what is going on in the Middle East should read this book.

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    20 some years after the fact, I m finally catching up on the amazing work of Amos Oz, arguably the greatest Israeli author of the 20th century His history, compassion, relation to the Arabs in his world, Oz shows how Israel should move forward, with love and empathy But in the age of Bibi, Avigdor and Naftali, that is a pipe dream Read the man who exposes both the beauty and possible future of Israel, with the abject reality of where it is going As he ages into his 70s, it will be a sad day to lose his voice.

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    I am interested about knowing people in different countries particularly if the population is from different countries, races, and backgrounds This kind of complex society has its own problems that makes the book interesting and exciting